Sunday, January 11, 2009

16 random things about me

I saw Shari do this and thought I would try it too.

1. I have 2 little boys (Ethan 9 and Aaron 5)

2. I will be married 10 years in March

3. I love scrabooking even though I haven't the time lately

4. I love love love taking pictures (hence scrapbooking)

5. I make cakes, candies, and love baking in general

6. Would love to open a bakery (little secret) but am too chicken to try and it isn't the right
area for that kind of business.

7. Want to take a professional photography class (wishful thinking)

8 LOVE Cubscouts

9. I read with an obession. I go through spells of it.

10. Love traveling and really want to go back to Canada

11. Even though I'm friendly and talk a lot I'm not very open about myself personally.

12. Pink in my favorite color.

13. Wish I could be like my sister more when it comes to my kids.

14. Have the greatest friends in the world

15. Wanted to be a teacher (yeah right)

16. Makes one new Christmas ornament every year for my tree.

Ups and downs......

What a different kind of weekend this has been. I got up yesterday and was in Chesapeake at 8:30 am. I returned my Kitchen Aid Mixer. It wasn't the model I wanted. I waited 2 hours the day after Thanksgiving for that thing :( I then went to Target to take back some pj pants that my mom gave me. They were the right size but cut for someone that has no hips at all. Well, that ain't me! I got a bigger size. Something else to depress me! I then went to Toys R US to take something back that Ethan got for Christmas and without the receipt they won't do it. Darn! I then went to Va Beach to pick up Mom. We went to Grandma Wells house. Aunt Peggy was there. I hadn't seen her in a couple of years. I was dreading the whole thing but it went really well. I was glad I went. I actually wanted to stay longer but Gerald called and we had to be at Judy and Kevin's house for steaks at 6. Steven was cooking for the ones who helped this year on the farm (??????) anyway.......I wasn't into it. I had a lots of thoughts and emotions running around from Grandma's visit but after 3 Smirnoff Ice and a cup of homeade wine (thanks to Jr. Byrd) I stared relaxing. Aaron fell asleep on the golf cart so we came home. I got up this morning to make Taylor's birthday cake. Gerald wasn't in the greatest of moods. He was trying to go on line to file his unemployment stuff and he couldn't get it to work. I had to stop and try to help. Not that I did any good but anyway.... After the cake was done I tackled the Christmas tree. It is finally done and put away. I can't remember in at least 10 years that I have had the tree up this long. I'm just out of it . I need something to jump start my metabolism and mood. I made chicken casserole for supper and Aaron has had his bath YEH!!! One down and one to go! Ethan is on the treadmill. Apparently there is a girl who is shorter than him and runs faster so he is getting in shape so he can beat her!!! LOL I need to go behind him and run a few myself! YEH right!!! I type this as I eat my casserole. :) Well, tommorrow is back to work and cubscouts so that will keep me busy.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Where do I start????

This is something new for me so we'll see how it goes. It may be a short term thing. I talk alot but as far as being really open...not to sure.

Let's see....I'm glad it's Friday night. It has been a really rough week for me, emotionally, physically and definately mentally. I know Gerald is doing his best with being out of work and really he isn't bad but I feel so bad for him. All he has ever done is work and to be out of a job and not looking really good at the moment of finding one is depressing. He is lost. Not sure of what he needs or wants to do next. He is sitting with the boys in the morning while they are waiting for the bus and he is there in the afternoon when they get home. That helps money wise but I am kind of jealous. I know he would rather be working but the mornings are when me and the boys talked and cut up before the bus. I know I'm being silly but hormones are a dangerous thing. Also, where the hell did this middle tire come from????? It didn't creep up on me but it jumped on me. I woke up one day (knowing I gained a little) but what the heck happened? I'm am such an emotional eater! When I'm,, and eat. Heck when I'm happy lets have a party and EAT!!!!! I need to remember that I can't starve it off like I used to do. I need to talk to Kelly and get some of her encouragement. Well, this isn't exactly like the upbeat cutesy blogs that everyone else writes so I probably need to stop and start again another day.

Tommorrow doesn't look like it will start off any better. I have to take my sister's mom to see her mother in Disputana. They told her without a liver transplant she has about 6 months. She doesn't have a way to get up there to see her mom so I told her I would take her. The children are all going for a family meeting so I guess I will sit in the other room and read a book or twiddle my thumbs....who knows.

I am going to get off this and go play with my boys. I need it more than they do :)